About Us


International Children’s Excellence Fund (INCEF) is a social-philanthropic-educational Public Charitable Trust’s Fund, incorporated in India and duly registered under Indian Trusts Act 1882 at New Delhi to help and award scholarship to talented children (students), to study professional courses from very begining, to required level of qualification and to nurture and improve their skill and hidden talent to make sure and secure career in life. For that, Children will be selected through a Selection Test from all over the country. To support the programme, Funds are generated by contribution collected from philanthropic minded people, industrial establishments and the same is managed by a duly constituted Board of Trustees as per Indian Trusts Act – 1882. Many big business houses, industrialists, philanthropists have started taking interest in INCEF’s programme and are coming forward to help young students for their higher education and suitable career through INCEF’s programme.

For this object, INCEF is planning to launch a very vital programme to make India a well developed and well educated country in the world by 2030. To achieve this goal, INCEF has decided to cover 1 crore families by 2025 and one child from each family to be under-taken in its care and programme. Accordingly, to start with in the year 2018, around One Lac children will be examined and identified for their talent’s efficiency or deficiency and mal-nutrition, and to find out the reason and factors, responsible for their poor performance in life. And for that, INCEF will guide the parents how to develop and improve their children to make them a successful person. The INCEF from this group of children, in first round, will select about 3000 students from registered children for close observation and guidance and 480 from them will be selected to give this Integrated Scholarship to study as per programme. INCEF will also tell and advise to the parents of all such children whose performance were found not upto the mark and the reason for it, so-that, the parents will take care to improve the physical and mental health of their children to become able to do better in study and also do better in future examinations.

The present Scholarship will be given to study Integrated (Professional) Courses, of pre-decided profession and career which means starting education from beginning and continue the study without any break to study for the targeted profession / career courses. The selected children will study from class IV, V or VI onwards as per their age at selected and specially structured residential English Medium school and after passing +2 Exam., INCEF will help, assist and guide them for further study and about colleges for higher studies. However, INCEF’s guidance goes even beyond to it as per need, during and after, completing the courses and study upto class XII.

Further, why INCEF advise the parents to admit and keep selected children to study only at recommended schools , because, most of the existing schools of the country follow traditional way of teaching which has become out-dated and obsolete and are unable to educate children as per need of today and also as per need of tomorrow. More-over, it is very much needed today to know and indentify the professional-hidden-talent of the child and teach them accordingly. It is wrong to develop and educate children without identifying their professional capability. INCEF is committed to do it for children of the country. Children, should first be identified for their hidden-professional-talent-capability and then, they should be groomed and taught at specially designed schools.

To achieve this object, INCEF under Integrated Education programme, gives Integrated scholarship altogether amounting Maximum to Rs. 25,20,000/- (Rs. Twenty Five Lacs Twenty Thousand only) to each selected young talented children (student) having age 8+ (but below 11 years) to study as per their hidden talent upto +2 level of education and go ahead for Medical, Engineering, Administration, Management, Defence etc. at specially designed schools and colleges.


  1. To work  for promotion and development of the modern system of educating  and enlighten young and grown-up children and students for their proper  metal growth.

  2. To help young and  grown-up students financially or otherwise to higher  skills and knowledge in general and specific field of expatriation.

  3. To help and guide young students in finding out place, centres, institutions etc, where they can study for higher education and learning to improve themselves in the field of their choice and ability.

  4. To help educational Institutions to improve and develop their infrastructure and facilities for imparting and providing best system of learning.

  5. To help students in  finding suitable job opportunities for theme to live life happily.

  6. To make the parents aware and enlightened to understand about the changed situation and need of need of the world around them and to do such other work by which thinking and concept of the parents and young generation could be made positive in all their acts and approach to do a work in the changing situation which is taking place every day.

  7. It shall work and execute all its programmes and official jobs with the help of volunteers and its members only. It will never appoint, engage any person as employee or labour to work against wages for any of its programme.

  8. It will establish, undertake, maintain,  open and offers and centers at all the important places of the world to organize various programmes, Training Centres, Research Centres, Science Centres, Libraries  - cum – Information Centres, Museums etc. To expose and wquip the children with the latest technique of learning  and providing academic and non-academic information and making them aware of the current  affairs of the world.

  9. It will open, establish, run and manage schools and colleges for talented children in the world, where these children and youngsters could be educated according to there traditional and conventional way of teaching and learning.

  10. It will associate, make tie-up with educational institutions, establishments to work together to achieve this object.

  11. It will plan and organize such programmes in the world by which children could be motivated to develop their talent and prepare themselves to make best use of their talent to achieve excellence in all their workings and performances in their life. It will help and assist the schools, educational institution, financially and otherwise to raise their standard, infrastructure and facilities for children to make best use of their talent.

  12. It will do such other works, convene meeting , seminars and conferences etc. By which new generation could be able to develop sense of duty and responsibility towards their fellow-brothers living in any part of the world. It will also work to develop “course of studies” for the schools.

  13. It will evolve, innovate and organize various projects and programmes to indentify and felicitate meritorious talented children of the world and to encourage theme by way of awarding scholarship, grants or by giving presents, certificates and financial assistance so that they could be motivated to achieve excellence in all their working and performances in life.

  14. It will work to identify, felicitate, appreciate, recognize the persons, social workers,  institution, schools, colleges, organizations, establishments etc. Of the world which are helping directly or indirectly to the children and youngsters in promoting and developing excellence in theme and  to award appreciation certificates with or without cash to them in recognisable and appreciation of their services and contributions made to human society in creating and maintaining such programmes by which children could be motivated to develop their talent and excellence with ultimate aim of human happiness, prosperity and peaceful co-existence of all human beings in the world.


The INCEF is having large net –working of its members and volunteers who are helping students for their all-round development all over the country and the world.

Under the programmes and services the INCEF first-of-all identify such talented young children who need immediate guidance and care for their proper education and up-keep.

The INCEF is helping and assisting educational institutions financially or otherwise, in bringing modification in existing infrastructure for imparting effecting and useful education as a good base and foundation for future need of education and learning.

The INCEF has made arrangement and tie-ups with schools who are imparting profession oriented education to admit and educate students selected by INCEF and getting scholarship from INCEF for their study.

The INCEF has recently developed association with institutions imparting higher and technical education in the professional field like, Medical, Nursing, Dental, all branches of Engineering and information Technology, all branches of Management, Hospitality, Aviation, Textiles, Merchant Navy, Commercial Pilot etc. To educate the INCEF’s scholarship holder students with priority