The Programmes


Eligibility and terms to participate in the Selection Test:

  1. For being eligible to appear in the selection test, the children (of either sex) should have completed the age of 8 years (but below the age of 11 years) as on 31.03.2018. Only the children who fulfill the above mentioned age limit will be eligible to participate in the INCEF’s All India Integrated Scholarship Selection Test to be organised all over the country online.
  2. All children, who feel competent or whose parents desire to get such scholarship for their children, should apply on the prescribed application form which is available on-line. The application will be filled by parents or guardian on-line for registration. Fee for Registration will be paid ONLINE, which is Rs. 3000/- only.

Scholarship Award & Payment

The INCEF gives its most prestigious and country’s high valued Integrated Merit Scholarship in the following way to the students, selected from all over the country through test. The Intelligentia Test will be done through Online Test, Blood constituent Test and personal interview etc. will be done after online Test.

For the purpose of final selection, INCEF will conduct the following sequential procedure:
STEP I- Filling up the online Application form and payment of Registration Fee on our

STEP II- Online Test to be conducted at selected Exam. Centres at various places in the Country (See List).

STEP III- Selection of Top 3000 Students for intensive checkup, test (as First-round selection) and interview.

STEP IV- Blood Test may be done for students selected through online test and as per need.

STEP V- Personal Interview after first round selection.

STEP VI- Publication of final merit list and payment of the Scholarship be given to recommended schools directly.

STEP VII- Allotment of school for admission and study.

Note : Before actual test is conducted, children will be trained and educated at their residence how to do and give test on-line, a mock-test practice will be given to practice to answer in the Exam. at home.

Amount of scholarship will be paid (disbursed) directly to the recommended school from class IV (or Class V or VI) to XII. No scholarship amount will be paid if the students are not attending the recommended school as a regular student.


Registration fee to register the name of the student willing to participate in the scholarship test is Rs. 3000.00 (Rupees Three Thousand only) payable at the time of filling the Application (Registration) form on-line. REGISTRATION FEE once paid will not be refunded on any ground or reason.

Amount of Scholarship payable as below:-

To study by staying in recommended Residential English Medium School (presently schools have been selected at Dehradun & Ranchi) where school fee is @ Rs. 30,000.00 p.m. from class IV to X and Rs. 35,000 p.m. for class XI and XII. Admission Fee is Rs.50,000/- which will be paid by the parents in full and 75% of school fee will be paid by INCEF’s scholarship amount and 25% of the fee will be paid by the parents, every month. Rest as per school’s rules and regulations.

After passing class XII (+2), the student will take admission in his / her choiced college / institution / university anywhere in the world. INCEF will help them in choosing such institution


From Class IV (or V or VI) to X
  Scholarship Amount Payable (P.m.) 75% of the School Fee by INCEF i.e. Parent will pay (P.m.) 25% of the School Fee i.e. Amount of Scholarship per year Amount of Scholarship for 7 Years (Class IV to X)
For School fee from class IV to X @ Rs. 30,000/- p.m. Rs. 22500.00 Rs. 7500.00 Rs. 270000.00 Rs. 1890000.00

For Class XI & XII
  Scholarship Amount Payable (P.m.) 75% of the School Fee by INCEF i.e. Parent will pay (P.m.) 25% of the School Fee i.e. Amount of Scholarship per year Amount of Scholarship for 2 Years (Class XI & XII)
For School Fee for Class XI and XII @ Rs. 35000/- p.m. Rs. 26250.00 Rs. 8750.00 Rs. 315000.00 Rs. 630000.00s
TOTAL SCHOLARSHIP AMOUNT (1890000.00 + 630000.00) Rs. 2520000.00

Note : i). School will not hike (increase) its fee, announced and as per MoU made with school for this Batch (2018-19) till Class XII.

ii). Admission Fee (Once) Rs. 50,000/- will be paid to school by the parents, in full.

iii). Scholarship has been considered and calculated keeping in view that the child will be admitted in class IV, but if the child is found fit for admission to class V or VI the amount of scholarship will be reduced accordingly.

Application form will be filled by parents online on our website and Test fee will be paid online. Test date will be announced on the website and will also be informed to your mobile / e-mail. Last date of filling the Form is 24th January 2018 . Online Exam will be conducted in February’ 2018. Finally Selected students will report in the first week of April’ 2018 to their allotted and recommended School at their own cost.

Report and selection information will be communicated to the parents through the login ID provided to them by e-mail / mobile. The Report of Exam for the children who were not selected will also be sent to the parents for information with suggestion how to improve the low-performance of the child, for future test.